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Trade Associations

Trade associations are created by businesses within a particular industry to act as a forum for working together in a “company neutral” fashion. Working on behalf of the industry as a whole is critical if any association hopes to affect any meaningful change or improvements.

One of the great benefits of trade associations is the “all for one” representation of the industry within which it works. Relationships between companies and lawmakers often result in difficulties for all parties involved. Now lawmakers can work with an association, which is supported by a diverse and representative group of industry members. It provides a broader resource of information when considering actions that could affect the marketplace.

A “company neutral” environment is first and foremost a legal requirement for trade associations. Most developed economies operate under a set of trade laws, which prohibit companies from working together to restrict or control trade. Companies are prohibited from discussing many items within the trade association environment. Specifics on pricing, production and capacity, what you make, who you sell to, are all off limits. These limitations turn out to be great “enablers” because they allow industry leaders to consider the bigger issues that are normally out of their control.

Trade associations create the forum to ask questions regarding issues that affect the market as a whole. These are issues that are so broad, a single company working alone could not even consider them.

Here are examples of questions pertinent to the window films industry:
• “How do the various automotive tint laws affect our industry?”
• “How does window film fit in with changing building and safety codes?”
• “How can we get energy companies to promote window film?”
• “What information can we generate to aid governments and institutions?”
• “What are the factors that restrict the growth of window film?”

Every association will have varying issues based on the needs/input of its membership.

Trade Associations are established to embrace participation from all industry members. This means it is possible for anyone to influence the direction of an industry, all it takes is a little effort from an association's membership. it's also not a secret that most successful companies around the world participate in their industry associations.

IWFA (International Window Film Association)
P.O. Box 3871
Martinsville, VA 24115
phone: 276-666-4932
fax: 276-666-4933
EWFA (European Window Film Association)
EU Office – European Window Film Association
402 Avenue de Tervuren
B - 1150 Brussels Belgium
phone: + 32 2 761 6664
fax: + 32 2 777 0504
IWFAA (International Window Film Association of Australasia)
180 Nott Street
Port Melbourne, Victoria, 3207
phone: (03) 9681 8599
fax: (03) 9681 8799
GGF (Glass and Glazing Federation) 44 - 48 Borough High Street
London SE I IXB
phone: 0870 042 4255
fax: 0870 042 4266
PGC (Protective Glazing Council)
2945 SW Wanamaker Drive, Suite A
Topeka, KS 66614-5321
phone: (785) 271-0208
fax: (785) 271-0166

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