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Film Removal

Side Roll Ups

From time to time the removal of existing film is a necessity, not a pleasant task for sure; but like many things in the world sometimes window film breaks down. It is possible to damage the windows if you do not use the correct method to remove the old film.

It is imperative that you have knowledge of the proper techniques in order to safely and effectively remove old film. The longer a film is exposed to the elements the more difficult the process becomes; film tends to break into small potato chip like pieces making removal very tedious and messy. Following are a few tips to keep in mind.

Tools Needed: Spray Bottle (containing your cleaning solution), 1" Razor Blades

Step 3 – peel off film downwards
Open car door and position yourself facing the film to be removed.
Roll down window approximately 3 inches, not necessary on frameless doors.
Start at the top center of the window and peel film down slowly toward the door panel.

Wet the left behind adhesive with cleaning solution.

Step 5 – scrape adhesive off
After the film is removed, using a 1" razor blade, carefully scrape the adhesive off the window. Work from one side to the other making sure you use overlapping strokes.
Keep the adhesive wet with solution to avoid damaging the glass.

Scrape across window
Roll up window to a completely closed position and remove remaining film.
Repeat steps 4 to 6, until all adhesive residues are removed.
Wipe any moisture off glass and panels using paper towels.
Clean the window with your cleaning solution to ensure you have a contamination free surface to begin the installation of replacement film.

Helpful Tips:
• Have the customer bring in the vehicle on a hotter day, if possible.
• Change razor blades often.
• Use Olfa Blade Knife to remove old film under gaskets and hard to reach areas.

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