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Advertising and Marketing are important tools to help grow your business and increase your profits.  An effective Marketing program can generate new business leads, and allows you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition.

The amount of money to allocate varies from dealer to dealer, but the standard advertising & marketing budget for many U.S. companies is reported to be around 3-5% of total sales.

It is important to remember is that these programs are effective, and have historically helped many companies increase their sales. Click on one of the links on the left menu for more information, and to access a variety of ready-made ads, mailers, signs and other sales aids as editable PDFs to get you started.

Using JWF Sales Aids PDFs
Why PDFs?
PDFs (Portable Document Formats) are one of the best ways to transfer documents in today's world. They are relatively small in size and universally viewable, making them easy to email. Best of all, the printing quality is generally excellent.
What You Will Need:
To view PDF files, you need Acrobat/Adobe Reader. You can download it for free at To print customized PDFs, you will need a PDF writer or editing program.
How to Start:
Just click on the image you want and it should automatically download to your computer. If it does not automatically download, right click, then select "save target as." This will open up a window that allows you to choose a folder on your computer to place the PDF.

You can edit the Dealer Information fields by typing in your info. Print out a copy and give it to your advertising vendor. You can email the PDF also, but you will need a PDF Writer program to save your information (see link on the rightside bar for details).

You can also use these ideas as a starting point to create your own custom promotional materials.

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