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Scratch Resistant Coatings
Window film manufacturers apply a scratch resistant coating on almost all of their film products. It’s applied to the top of the film during the manufacturing process, and its purpose is to protect the film from minor abrasions and cleaning solvents.

Johnson Window Films' scratch resistant coating is named CST. Developed through years of laboratory testing and proven by thousands of field applications, CST will provide years of durable scuff and scratch resistance to each film.

CST’s proprietary formula is blended with premium oligomers and acrylics resulting in a tough, optically clear shield that will extend the life of your film. Furthermore, CST not only meets, but also exceeds the accepted industry standard test (ASTM D1044-94) for scratch resistant coatings.

The industry scratch resistant coating test is known as The Standard Test Method or Resistance of Transparent Plastics to Surface Abrasion. Independent test labs conduct this test using a special device called a Taber Abraser. This instrument spins a disc containing a piece of window film. As the disc spins, an “arm” with scuffing material is applied to the film. After a specified time, the abraser is shut down and the film is analyzed for optical clarity. The scratch resistant coating is deemed acceptable if the haze delta level is 5 percent or less.


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