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Community Sponsorships

Getting involved in your local community is the right approach to take on many levels. First, it sends a positive message to local patrons that you are not just another retail outlet only concerned with turning a buck. It shows everyone that your establishment is committed to the overall enrichment of the town and its people. Second, it's non-traditional and less "in-your-face" way of increasing consumer awareness about your business and products. And finally, it will make you feel much better knowing you have given something back to your community.

There are a number of different ways to become involved in your local area. Here's a short list of the more common local community establishments/venues needing sponsorships:

• Schools/PTAs
• Churches
• Hospitals
• Orphanages
• Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts
• Town Parades—e.g. 4th of July, Thanksgiving
• Town Fairs
• Marathons / Walk-a-thons
• Little League / Soccer / Pop Warner Football Leagues
• Senior Citizen Homes

Your sponsorship could include a monetary contribution and/or free window film applications, whichever works best for your business and partner institution. Whatever you decide, participating in these types of local sponsorships will leave a more positive lasting impression within your community and it will mean more business for you in the long run.

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