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Press Releases

Local newspaper editors and reporters are always on the look out for noteworthy business accomplishments and solutions. If your shop can provide a legitimate and newsworthy story you should receive some free publicity. You need to frame and display any of these articles in your shop.

To increase the chances that your press release will get published, make sure there is a “consumer benefit” that your window film installation services provides such as energy savings or security film protection. Another opportunity is to promote any pro-bono (free) jobs you have provided, like an elementary school, day care center or fire department just to name a few. These are the type of stories that will most likely receive consideration from your local press.

Best of all, press releases are relatively inexpensive. All you need to do is provide written copy to your local paper. If you aren't comfortable writing the copy you can ask the local paper for help or pay a professional service to write a release for you.

Sample Press Release

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