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Solar Silver

Solar Silver 20%, one of Johnson's best selling commercial films is now available with an adhesive specifically designed for installation on plastic surfaces. This highly reflective film is primarily designed for various commercial applications where excessive heat and glare is unwanted.

Installations on polycarbonate; Plexiglas or other plastic surfaces that were previously impossible, is now possible. Solar Silver Anti-Blister is perfect for guard shacks, bus stops, train stations, sign boards and commercial buildings with vertical sidelights.

If it is a plastic vertical surface, it can now receive the many benefits of this highly effective window film product. Office managers and building owners have always loved our Solar Silver because it offers outstanding heat rejection and greatly reduces unwanted glare that causes eye strain. Best of all, Solar Silver 20% film delivers increased HVAC efficiency to improve energy savings.

Running across a plastic surface that is a good candidate for the benefits of window film installation, is a unique occurrence. When you do run across it, our Anti-Blister product is the perfect answer. Since this product is simply Solar Silver 20% with a chemically altered adhesive, the solar properties and other characteristics are the same as the film you have used for years.
Highly Reflective
Modern Mirror Look
Rejects 99% of Harmful UV Rays
CST™ Scratch-Resistant Hardcoat
5 Year Warranty on Vertical Interior Installations
2 Year Warranty on Vertical Exterior Installations (edge sealing required)
Available as Interior (SS20 AB) and Exterior film (SS20 AB EXT)

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