Johnson Window Films Dealer Resource Center

We are commiteed to providing our dealers with only the best window film products and services. You can contact one of our factory direct distribution centers in North America or the European Union for any of your customer service needs including orders by:

European Union:

  Phone: +31(0) 2389 06850
  Fax: +31(0) 2389 06879

Payment Terms - Europe

Payments in Euros
  Credit Card - Visa, MasterCard or American Express
  Cash in Advance via debit transfer

Payments in Pounds
  Credit Card - Visa or MasterCard
  Cash in Advance via debit transfer

Shipping Policy - European Union
  All orders ship Ground from our office in the Netherlands
  Shipments are made via either TNT or UPS
  Delivery methods of 2nd Day and Next Day Air are available to certain countries
  Free Ground freight on orders over 1,000.00 Euros or Pounds

Value Added Tax - Europe
All orders shipped are subject to The Netherlands value added tax unless a valid VAT number is on file.

Custom Cuts and Roll Down Fee - Europe
Custom width cuts are available at no charge if the cut is not a standard width we sell. Cutting tolerance on special width cuts are +/- 1". Special width cuts are not returnable.

Automotive short rolls are available in 50ft (15.2 meters) increments for:
15.00 or 12.00 surcharge

Flat Glass and Security short rolls are available in 25ft (7.7 meters) increments for:
15.00 or 12.00 surcharge

There are several possible scenarios which may lead to the return of film:

1) You didn't like the film.
You try one of our films for the first time and after tinting one car or a few windows, you decide you don't like that particular film.

SOLUTION: We have unused film picked up by a shipping courier. We credit you for the full 100 foot (30.5 meter) roll if there is at least 75 lineal feet (22.9 meters) left on the roll. If there is less, we credit for the actual footage returned.

2) The wrong film was ordered.
You ordered the wrong film or lost the job after you ordered the film.

SOLUTION: Refuse the shipment when it arrives at your door. If the film has already delivered, you are responsible to return the film via the courier of your choice. When the film is returned to our warehouse, we will credit your account for the returned product.

3) The wrong film was delivered or you receive a defective roll. We made a mistake and shipped you the wrong film. You notice the film is defective and cannot be used.

SOLUTION: We promptly send you the correct film. The replacement roll is billed to you upon shipment in the same manner as regular shipments. We will issue a pick-up for the unwanted film. When the returned film is received, we issue a credit in your account for future purchases.
This return process is generally complete within 5 to 10 business days.

4) You've decided not to use our film.
You choose to return film that has been in your inventory for any reason other than a specific quality problem.

SOLUTION: We are happy to take back any film in good condition within 3 months of the original purchase date. You will be credited based on the amount of film we will be able to resell (measured in 25ft. / 7.7 meter increments). A 20% restocking fee will be charged on film returned after 6 months.
Most refunds are fully refunded in 3-5 days after we receive and process your return.

Web Store
We have web stores available to all of our dealers, as long as you made a purchase in the past 6 months. Sign up at, the web stores allows dealers to access their account and place orders 24/7. From time to time we have web specials, where you can get film, tools and sales support materials below normal selling price.

Warranty Policies
Warranties vary per region on all products; contact the local distribution center in your area for more details. Automotive laws vary from state to state and country to country, warranties are only honored on installations within the legal limits of your given area.

If warranty credit is available in your area, the amount of labor credit is significantly greater than the original purchase cost of the film. These credits are not intended to provide the dealer with additional profits, but to cover any actual costs involved in the rework.

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