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When you first open your business you are a nobody in a land full of people that are already known in the business. Establishing business partnerships will boost your image. Partnering with a well respected company will boost your interactions on social media sites and if done correctly increase traffic to your sites.

To this end Johnson Window Films has partnered with West Coast Customs as "The Official Window Tint of West Coast Customs". We are extremely proud to have been offered the opportunity to partner with this world renowned automotive customization company. West Coast Customs is internationally recognized for its original designs and concept vehicles.

Why not establish a link from your website to our consumer site, where your customers can see that the product you sell is partnered with West Coast Customs.

Follow our social media accounts in order to be constantly updated on events and topics related to Johnson Window Films sponsorship of West Coast Customs. Once you see these posts be diligent with your likes, follows, shares and comments on our accounts. Then watch your social media contacts grow organically.

Use our product partnership with West Coast Customs to increase your business and promote the Johnson Window Films brand.

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