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Architectural window film allows architects to incorporate window film as a design element into any building. It gives them the ability to change the exterior facade of any structure, without costly window replacement. The addition of print receptive coatings in these products, allows even greater flexibility for contractors, business owners, and design firms.

Windows historically have been nothing more than a blank spot in the wall. But now with the ability to apply a UV cured ink on to specially coated window film, windows can be so much more. No longer just a blank and wasted space they can become a part of a businesses marketing campaign.

Johnson Window Films offers two products that are receptive to UV cured ink printing. Available in both clear and white these products both have unique benefits that are appreciated by sign makers, retail building owners, commercial building managers, designers and advertising firms.

Both of our printable products are 2 mils thick and come on a 3 mil liner, this allows the film to go through the printer easily; you will see reduced printer jambs.

PRT2CLR has a Visible Light Transmission of 89%, the image will appear to have been printed directly on the glass as this product is virtually clear. Images printed on this film are translucent and allow views from either the interior or exterior of the windows.

The clear option is ideal for designs placed on exterior facing windows, to advertise a business, promote a product or announce a sale. It is also perfectly suited for interior partitions' like waiting rooms or conference areas where privacy is not an issue. Any image once applied will be visible from either side; the maximum amount of light will still penetrate the space.

PRT2WOUT is a great option when you want your message visible from a single side of a window. Sign makers and designers say this is their favorite product to apply designs to, the white background allows the true color of the design to really come out.

Our white out option offers almost complete privacy wherever it is applied; it allows practically no visible light to enter your space. The product is opaque white, so when you apply your design you can save your precious white ink. Not having to lay down a layer of white before applying the required image, will dramatically reduce white ink consumption.

The product does require care when installing, as UV inks are not entirely water resistant. To ensure that the ink is not damaged or smeared during installation, wet the adhesive as normal. Keep the printed surface as free of water as possible. Once the liner is removed, place the liner on the printed face and apply solution for final squeeging.

Johnson Window Films does not warranty the film for satisfactory printing. Not warranted for ink performance failures such as ink fading, cracking, peeling, scratching or other ink related issues. Film should be tested and approved with print and ink combination prior to application. Only printing systems that use a UV cured ink will work on these products.

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