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In order to be successful in the window film industry you sometimes need to leave your comfort zone. Several of our customers have shared some alternate uses for Defendor, which allows them guaranteed repeat business. After they made the first sale, the rest was history.

Defendor is truly a film with multiple purposes, its unique peel and replace properties protects everything from street signs to Formica counter tops in rental units. The two layers of this product make replacing it easier than any other anti-graffiti product in the marketplace. Once Defendor is installed it protects almost any surface from scratches, etching, paint, markers and even food stains, no longer is the product limited to installation on glass.

Some very inventive people have shared their success stories below with us on alternate uses for Defendor. We are sure after reading these stories you will come up with more once you do let us know, we are always excited to share these uses with others.

Bob Johanson owner and installer of Johanson Auto Body in the Mid West has an interesting story on how he uses our 4 Mil Defendor (AG04). When Bob saw county workers constantly replacing all kinds of street signs due to graffiti damage within his city, he realized that if the signs had a Anti-Graffiti film on them they could just remove the film instead of replacing the expensive sign.

So he took his idea to the next city council meeting where he explained his idea. Several weeks later he was awarded a monthly contract with the city to install AG04 on all city signs. This resulted in the city contacting him every time a sign became defaced, he then goes out, removes the existing film, and replaces it with new film. He is quite proud of his original idea not only does it keep the city looking good, but it is a repeated source of revenue for his family owned company.

Another satisfied customer Moonlighting owner Danielle Moon has another very interesting use. She works with several jewelry stores in her city, covering the glass display cases with Defendor 4 mil. The store owners found that in the normal course of business when removing their inventory and allowing the customers to examine the products, the top of the glass was being damaged. She has recurring maintenance agreements with these shop owners to replace the film periodically to ensure the view into the display cases are not obstructed by unsightly scratches.

Danielle then went one step further, when she has a new client she leaves them a bottle of Johnson Film Polish (TT-711) and tells then to use it on the film once every week to keep the film crystal clear. Then once they use the first bottle and they need more she sells them additional bottles throughout the year. She reports that in the time that she has had these agreements, the repeat year after year business has increased her revenues and profits by 20%.

Yet another recent story has to do with counter tops in rental homes and extended stay hotels. By partnering with an extended stay you can install any of the Defendor products directly on the kitchen and bathroom counter tops. Hotels and rental units are in a constant struggle to keep the counter tops free from stains and scratches. Property managers and building owners need to keep these short term rentals in pristine shape in order to achieve repeat business at their establishments and ensure that they receive excellent reviews on social media sites. Nothing will cause these businesses's to fail quicker than reviews and photos that show any kind of damage or other derogatory items.

Defendor is an excellent product to install on these countertops for protection against almost any kind of damage that a renter can do. The constant room turn over in these businesses almost guarantees a monthly income for your company once you find an interested partner.

Defendor is one of the most versatile products in the world no matter what the original intent of the product was or is. One thing that all small business need to due to stay competitive in any industry is to be on the constant look out for new ways to promote themselves and their service.

Let us know if you come up with your own unique use for this or another product we love to hear how you use our products in ways that we never thought of.

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