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Film Removal

Removal of Anti-Blister

Now that technology has advanced to the state that window film can be installed on plastic windows, the conversation of eventual removal must be started. First the installation can only be performed using products manufactured with a chemically altered adhesive. You will know you have used the incorrect product if you find bubbling on the plastic surface within a very short period of time.

We are all used to installing our product on a very hard surface. Glass can rarely be scratched by anything other than diamonds, now we are installing on a surface that can be scratched by everyday items and chemicals. Items normally used to remove window film can not be used on plastics, period! Don't even try it.

The removal of window film from any plastic must be done with great care to ensure the surface is not scratched. The soft surface (nothing like the surface of glass) can be damaged through the use of incorrect tools or chemicals.

The removal is rather tedious but with a bit of patience it can be accomplished. Think you hate removing window film from glass? Wait until you experience the removal on a plastic application you might not mind the normal redo's as much as before. Ok that's not true but we can all dream.

Tools Needed: Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA), Soft Squeegee like our TT-217 3 1/2" Yellow Poly Squeegee, or a Hard Card like the TT-234 White Teflon Hard Card

The basics are to use a liberal application of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and a soft squeegee or hand card like our TT-217 3 1/2" Yellow Poly Squeegee or TT-234 White Teflon Hand Card. Under no conditions should a razor blade be used. Under no conditions should heat be applied. We recommend moving both your razor blades and the heat guns away from the removal area, so you are not even tempted to pick them up

Tools Needed
Find an edge or corner and begin the peeling process.
Continue the peeling of product until it fully removed.
As the film is being peeled squirt a liberal application of IPA on the plastic to assist with the removal.

Once the film is completely off the plastic a certain amount of adhesive residue will remain.

Peeling off film
from plastic.
Use the squeegee in a continual circular motion which will result in the adhesive balling up.
The adhesive can be easily rubbed off, through the continuous application of IPA and using the squeegee or hand card in a circler manner.

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