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Automotive Tint Law Overview

Laws regarding the tinting of automotive windows vary from region to region and country to country. These laws are an important influence on our industry and will eventually have a lasting influence on your business. Fortunately, complying with these laws decreaIt is better to have him on your side!ses risk and increases reward, making legal tinting a good business decision.

Illegal tinting increases your business risk in many ways. The most obvious risk is that you are making the local police aware of you. You may be subject to investigation or sting operations resulting in serious fines and penalties. You risk losing referrals from previously satisfied customers when police ticket them for illegal tinting. You create greater risk for the entire industry. People who enforce the law know people who write the laws. Lack of cooperation with police will lead to stricter laws, which hurt everyone. Tinting legally reduces risk.

Working within the boundaries of the tinting laws also brings reward. The reduction of risk as discussed above increases the value and ensures the continuity of your business. If you only tint legal, you can:

Participate in industry associations
Work with car retailers who can't afford to have illegal tinting
Be more comfortable when officials visit your shop
Gives you confidence to speak with lawmakers, with respect to changes in the law
Apply for work with police departments and other government agencies, should a contract be announced in your area
Increased referrals and connections though out your community

These rewards and community involvement are available to companies that stay within the boundaries of their regional tint laws.

Reduced risk and increased reward are usually primary goals of a business owner. Legal tinting brings both and is a simple "insurance" to increase your success. Risk reduction is not easy, it must be in your DNA to rise above the competition, and do things for all the right reasons. Not stooping to the lowest common denominator.

Admittedly, there are many distractions when trying to run your business in a legal and professional manner. The biggest distraction of all is when your competition thinks nothing of the illegality of their actions, without concern for the long term consequences. You need to be better than that, and in the long run you will be a company still in business, after the others go the way of all others with questionable business practices and ethics.

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