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InsulatIR films deliver superior heat rejection by targeting the near infrared (NIR) spectral range of solar energy. These IR rays are invisible but can be felt as heat on your skin and make up nearly half of the solar radiation hitting the earth. InsulatIR uses the latest nano-ceramic technology incorporating microscopic metal oxide particles to absorb high levels of solar heat for maximum comfort.

The nano-ceramic particles are extremely durable and so small that they are invisible when used in window film. InsulatIR is offered in a full range of VLT's from virtually clear to darker shades, while providing exceptional heat rejection.

This product line is unique, as the manufacturing process allows us to offer some of the highest visible light transmission automotive films on the market today. No matter what the tint laws are in your region this line has a perfect product to suit your varying needs.

The IR70, rejects an impressive 93% of infrared heat throughout the solar energy wavelength spectrum (780nm to 2500nm), allowing for a clear look while blocking most of the heat. Resulting in a more comfortable and pleasurable driving experience for all the vehicles occupants.

These films have an appealing low visible light reflectivity, are non-conductive and are therefore considered to be signal friendly. With the additional benefit of fading reduction numbers ranging from 52% in the IR85 to 77% found in the IR 05. A perfect film for all your needs it does the best of everything, heat reduction, IR blocking, glare and fade reduction what more could you want? Call today to add this high performing film to your offerings.

InsulatIR as all of our automotive products block 99% or more of harmful UV Rays, keeping passengers and your vehicle's interior safe from the damage that UV light can cause.

Cool, comfort and control...that's InsulatIR.

Lightly Shaded Options
Nano-Ceramic Construction
Superior Infrared Heat Rejection
Signal Friendly
Blocks 99% of Harmful UV Rays
CST™ Scratch Resistant Hardcoat
Backed by Johnson Window Films' comprehensive manufacturer's warranty program

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