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Solar Silver

Film applied on the inside of certain window types (such as multi-pane and low emissivity windows) can cause unwanted thermal stress, therefore is not a good candidate for interior window film. Exterior Films are a great solution for window that are at risk for glass breakage, because they generally do not absorb as much heat as interior films. They are also an excellent choice whenever windows are not accessible from the inside.

Johnson Window Films offers solar control Exterior films from our most popular residential/commercial lines of Palisade, DaylightNatural, Solar Silver and ScenicView.

The virtually clear Palisade Exterior has a ceramic component that keeps the interior and exterior reflectance among the lowest in the industry. The installation will blend well with all types of interior decor, while keeping the natural outdoor view intact. An excellent product for all glass types that will not significantly change the window's appearance. The high Visible Light Transmission and energy rejecting properties result in you receiving all of the benefits of solar control window film without anyone knowing you had the film installed.

PD Exterior Films:

DaylightNatural films deliver low reflectivity while delivering a soft, neutral look that blends well with any interior. DN metallized films are non-fading and will help maintain
a natural look outside the window

DN Exterior Films:

Solar Silver films have a modern look and provide high light reflectivity as well as strong heat rejection. An excellent compliment to factory tinted glass, SS metallized films are non-fading and will provide excellent energy savings.

SS Exterior Films:

Our ScenicView EXT films offer the same benefits as their interior applied SV counterparts, such as low interior light reflectivity which creates more optimal day and night views. These metallized films will not fade and provide strong interior fading protection and are an excellent choice for exterior film applications.

SV Exterior Films:

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