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Opening an automotive tint shop comes with its own unique combination of challenges; including special lighting, filtered water, specific wall and floor materials to name only a few. Following is a bit more detail on some of the special needs this type of business might encounters.

Since, you will be working with a transparent product that reduces the amount of light entering a vehicle, excellent interior lighting is essential. Installers need to see clearly while working. Good light reduces the amount of "finish" work that many installers do after pulling the car into the light.

If you feel the need for additional lighting in the shop bay, ensure that you discuss this with the property owner prior to signing a least or rental agreement.

Electrical Systems
Think about these issues as you look at potential locations:

Around the Vehicles - Window film installation uses water and electrical power. The best way to handle electricity around the vehicle is with overhead, pull down extension cords. This technique keeps cords off the floor reducing the chance of shock and/or tripping over the cords. The overheads also look far more professional. Make sure to check if power is available in the ceiling

Around the Shop - An empty warehouse may look great until you want to plug something in. Look for outlets on the walls, especially where you think a tool bench or table will be located

Consider Your High Voltage Needs - if you are planning on having an air compressor or other high voltage electric items. Know its requirements and make sure you have adequate power

Water Supply
The best location for your water supply is close to the installation area. The water is used both as cleaner and a slip agent; you use it every few minutes, all day long. Obtaining water from any location other than near the installation area is messy, unprofessional and a waste of time. Once you have confirmed the water supply location is acceptable the only remaining question is whether to install a filtration system.

Many installers struggle with spots of contamination in their installations caused by rust or dirt in the water. The only way to be sure that the water is never a cause of contamination is to filter it. Most particles in the water supply can only be seen when the installation has fully dried after the water pockets have all dissipated. Seen as small contaminates between the film and glass, many times the contamination is believed to be in the film, when in fact it is in the water. Ultimately the customers will see the particles and bring the vehicle back for a complete re-do. Installing a filtration system is an inexpensive way to ensure your water supply is as clean as possible as your reputation is not harmed by unsatisfied customers.

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