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Customer Experience
Once you have chosen the location, now the real work begins. The designing and possible build out of the interior can take longer and be more expensive than finding the perfect location. Not to mention you need to make sure the customers experience is a positive and pleasant experience that you will be able to maintain for years to come.

Once the customer has actually taken the step to enter your business, keep in mind their view when they first enter the shop. You only get one chance to make a lasting first impression.

Having a selling space that is to large makes the customers feel lost and unsure of where to seek help, while one that is to small feel cramped; not allowing for point of sale items or future growth. A sales environment builds customer confidence and offers clear product choices. Display all of your products, your employees should be trained in cross-selling them together. Large spaces waste rent and spaces that are too small make your shop appear small times.

Imagine more than one customer at a time in the area; is there space for your sales people?  Look for at least one outlet on every wall. As the shop grows, you will continue to add items which require power to your sales area. Think TV, DVD, neon sign, or heat lamp demonstrations. The more diversified your automotive aftermarket product offering, the more outlets needed. You should also consider cable or satellite TV for your waiting area.

The floor in the customer area directly affects the shop environment. Tile floors are easy to clean, but they reflect sound and make your sales area less comforting. If you are in a "rainy" environment, you must also consider water around the entrance. Carpet is quieter and has a "softer" feel. However, carpets also stain easily, especially in high traffic areas. Have an idea for a floor style which contributes to the environment you wish to create within your store.

Ask yourself where the customers wait while you install the film. Avoid having them in your shop or in the sales area while you work. Create a "waiting room" with a TV, internet, snacks, etc. Locations within walking distance of some kind of attraction are ideal. When the client is able to walk to a mall or restaurant, they are happier and out of your working environment.

How and where you locate your shop is your decision, just make sure you do your homework first. You do not want to become one of the many shops that open and close within in the first year, due primarily to an incorrect location or one that does not have enough space to accomplish the complete package from sales through installation.

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