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When consumers think of window film it's primarily for aesthetic reasons as opposed to the many other benefits that window film installation brings such as UV protection, glare and heat reduction. While all those benefits are important we are going to focus only on UV protection.

Most, if not all new model vehicles have factory tinted glass as standard equipment. This is found on all windows except the driver and passenger windows as well as front windshields. Consumers tend to believe that since the glass is already tinted, there is no need to install window film. They are not aware that the factory tinted glass has a very limited heat rejection and in most cases has virtually no ultraviolet; UVA or UVB reduction.

The Skin Cancer Foundation's website which lists Johnson Window Films as an effective UV Protectant, states that: "car windshields partially filter out UVA radiation but the side windows let in about 63% of the suns UVA radiation. Unprotected rear windows leave the back seat passengers exposed. Transparent window film screens out almost 100% of UVB and UVA without reducing visibility."

When the next new car comes to your shop and the customer asks for the side windows only, make sure to point out that the "factory-tinted" glass does not have the same protection levels as window film. Don't miss the opportunity to remind them that while they are protecting the driver and front passenger they are doing nothing for the rest of their occupants.

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