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What is the perfect installation solution?
Each installer has a slightly different opinion of the perfect solution; this is primarily due to the installation conditions. Next to your knife, the installation solution is the most critical item in your work. It can affect both the quality of the install, and the longevity of the film.

But, there is more to the solution question than just the proper amount of soap.

  teaspoon of soap to 1 quart of filtered water is the standard installation solution; however this amount can vary depending on the adhesive type, thickness, and temperature conditions during installation and your preferred amount of slip.
  The rule of thumb is to use only what you need; not a drop more. Dry Adhesive films can use less soap than Pressure Sensitive adhesives as they have no immediate tack.
  The soap MUST be of a non-degreasing, non-heavy detergent or abrasive nature. Soaps that contain strong grease cutting agents or skin conditioners must be avoided due to the detrimental long term effects. PH neutral baby shampoos are best, but mild clear dish soap may be used.

  The water MUST be filtered and clean. It's of no use to clean the window if you are just going to spray dirty solution back on it. If you don't have access to a filtered source, use bottled water
  Normal tap water is full of contaminates, even a quality installation will have contamination if the water source is not properly filtered. Most particles in the water supply can only be seen when the installation has fully dried after the water pockets have all dissipated.

  Be sure to check your bottle for cleanliness and wear.
  A degrading and worn bottle can add particles to your solution.
  Remember that most bottles were not designed with optical clarity or purity in mind - merely to spray chemicals (many times poisons or pesticides) so a few flakes wouldn't matter. It DOES to you!.

Other solutions on the market
There are many installation solutions on the market, whether they contain ingredients that might cause the adhesive to eventually break down is truly unknown. Why spend your hard earning profits on something that is more expensive with a fancy name? Why change what has worked for years?

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