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Flat glass window tinting is one of the fastest growing and most profitable businesses today. A large commercial job can generate revenue equal to more than two week's worth of auto tinting. However, securing the commercial and residential jobs is difficult due to the cost to the consumer, not to mention the more technical aspects of this kind of installation.

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You need to be competitive and knowledgeable about the business, in terms of both the window film product and the installation service you offer. Knowing your craft, understanding film characteristics, causes of glass breakage and providing expert workmanship will secure the job every time. Extra knowledge gives you the edge over the competition.

Fortunately, Johnson Window Films offers various training courses through our Johnson Window Films University program. The program is a mix of hands on and classroom training. We offer various course levels and dates, whether you are interested in getting info the Flat Glass arena or want to improve your skill set with the newest techniques we have the class for you.

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For additional information on the available class types and current schedule, click here, this site will allow you to request more information on the classes and also has the ability to register for any class listed.


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