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Driven to Perfection

Automotive Window Film

Professionally installed Johnson Window Films can help make your time on the road more enjoyable. The solar properties built into our films can greatly decrease the amount of solar energy that passes through the windows into a vehicle, providing a barrier against the sun's rays, reducing heat while increasing comfort for the driver and passengers alike. This reduction in heat will reduce the need for increased air conditioning; less A/C used means better fuel efficiency.

UV rays from the sun can cause serious damage to skin and eyes as well as affect how rapidly fading will occur on interior dashboards, upholstered seats, floor mats, leather interiors, plastic vehicle parts, and even stereo equipment. Johnson's automotive solar control films block 99% or more of the suns harmful UV rays.

Window film helps make driving safer for everyone. Glare from your windows not only impairs vision but also can be distracting and very dangerous. Our window films are excellent at minimizing annoying glare; help prevent eyestrain, reducing the chances of an accident.

Properly installed window film is available in many colors and shades and of course, looks great. To find a qualified dealer near you, visit our dealer locator.

*USA tinting laws vary from state. Check with your Johnson Window Films dealer to learn more.

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