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If you are new to the subject of window film, this section provides a good overview about how window film works, what the benefits are, and important facts to be aware of:

How it works
Window film

A self-adhesive polyester film that is applied to glass surfaces. It is used as a “retrofit” application for existing glass on automobiles, homes and commercial buildings in order to upgrade solar control, safety and appearance.

Solar radiation from the sun is divided into 3 components: visible light we can see, infrared we feel as heat and ultraviolet rays, which are invisible. As solar radiation strikes a piece of glass, window film acts as a “sunscreen” to block harmful UV rays as well as regulate the levels of heat and light passing through the glass. The amount of heat and light rejected is dependent upon the type of window film selected.

Common types of window film – non-reflective or dyed films that primarily absorb solar energy, reflective or metallized films that absorb as well as reflect solar energy, and nano/ceramic films which use high-tech compounds to provide high performance.


Variety Of Usage
Window Films

We are used in a variety of ways to control the negative effects of the sun such as heat, glare, UV damage and fading. By minimizing heat, window film can reduce HVAC costs and increase comfort in your car, home and office.

Automotive Films:

Window film provides a more comfortable driving experience by reducing glare and the rejection of solar heat. Additionally it reduces up to 99% of harmful UV rays which reduces the long term fading of the interior and protects your skin and eyes from damage.

Residential/Commercial Films:

Window films ability to reject UV rays helps to protect your skin and eyes from damage and slows fading of interior furnishings, carpets, artwork and other valuable belongings. There are a variety of window film shades or colors that can enhance and complement the design of a home or office. In certain installations Window film can also provide additional privacy.

Trident Safety & Security Films:

Accidents involving glass can create dangerous situations, especially in residential homes with children. Safety film effectively holds broken glass together, greatly reducing the chance of injury. Our Trident Protective films are available to help prevent vandalism and theft. While they cannot entirely stop someone from breaking through glass, the thickness of the film makes it more difficult and time consuming to breach the glass.

Defendor Anti-Graffiti Films:

Glass is expensive to replace after being damaged by taggers or other kinds of vandalism. Many commercial building owners choose our removable anti-graffiti film to protect their glass from damages caused by graffiti and glass etching. Check with your local Johnson Window Films’ professional to find the style suitable for your needs.

Cut Annoying Glare

How Window Film
Affects Glass

Glass is designed to act as a barrier from exterior elements (i.e. wind, rain and snow) while providing a natural view of the outside world. When solar energy or sunlight, comprised of heat, light and UV Rays hits an untreated window, almost 90% of the energy is transmitted through the glass.

In contrast, once solar control window film is applied to glass nearly 80% of solar energy can be blocked. The special dyes, metals or nano technology within the film, act as a solar energy barrier by either absorbing or reflecting a percentage of the energy from passing through the glass.

The level of absorption and reflectance is dependent on how the film is constructed. Dyed films contain no metal and are considered non-reflective because they absorb solar energy. They are not as effective in controlling solar heat and light because they do not provide any solar reflectance. On the other hand, metallized or nano films provide both solar absorption and reflectance. They do a much better job of solar control since their construction properties control both heat and light from passing through the glass surface. Consult a Johnson Window Films professional to find the best films to suit your needs.