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Protective Films

Protective Films

Johnson's Trident safety and security films are durable and built to protect you. Made with acrylic bonding technologies, these films ensure long-term anchorage, which means that broken glass will stay attached to the film. Properly installed Trident films effectively protect against the hazards of broken glass.

Tempered glass is expensive and will break into small pebble sized beads, which can become dangerous projectiles damaging eyes and piercing skin leading to common types of glass related accidents. When non-tempered or annealed glass breaks, flying shards and large pieces of sharp, sheared off glass can cause severe injuries often times fatal to humans and pets.

Johnson Window Films' complete line of safety and security films can provide different levels of protection. Manufactured in the USA, Trident films are made with custom formulations, multiple layers, and strengths. Offering effective protection from simple glass breakage accidents to life saving results during a bomb blast, Johnson Window Films are on the job and at the ready.

Trident films can be professionally installed anywhere that a potential glass breakage may exist including the home, commercial buildings, retail stores, government buildings, and even our cars. They are safe to install on any type of glass at a fraction of the cost of tempered glass.

In addition, when old glass is removed for replacement, it is all too often not properly disposed of and can end up in a landfill adversely affecting our environment. With Trident, there is no removal of glass, no rework or repaint after installation. You can stay green and cost effective at the same time.

Solar Protection

Our solar control Trident films are available with UV inhibitors that block 98% or more of harmful radiation from the sun. This energy reduction means that less heat gets inside which lowers your utility bills and through long-term energy savings, helps pay for the initial cost of the film. They are available in a variety of thickness levels depending on the level of protection needed, and you can choose either a clear film or a shaded version if you are looking for added solar protection.

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