Sleek Mirror

Film Rejects Up to
77 Percent SS 20
Rejects Heat
79 Percent SS 20
Cuts Glare
99 Percent  
Blocks UV Rays
Solar SIlver


Solar Silver is one of Johnson’s best selling films. Its metal construction offers modern, highly reflective silver shades that will not fade. This highly reflective film was primarily designed for commercial buildings, high-rises, skylights, sunrooms and other areas where excessive heat and glare is unwanted.

Homeowners who have discovered the excellent solar energy rejection properties love the modern look it adds to any home. Without inhibiting the views from larger windows found in many of today’s newer constructions.

With a solar energy rejection range of 65% to 77%, your energy cost will be greatly reduced and will more than pay for itself within a very short period of time. Property managers and homeowners speak highly of the benefits of this product with its outstanding heat rejection and the reduction of unwanted glare.

Solar Silver is available in two shades for either exterior or interior installations and is offered in both a 20% and a 35% visible light transmission product.

  • Protected with a CST™ scratch resistant hardcoat to ensure long lasting durability, protection and clarity.
  • Glare reduction of up to 79%, helps to reduce eye strain and unwanted glare, making the building more comfortable for the occupants whether looking at computer screens or viewing television.
  • Blocks 99% or more of harmful UV rays – minimizes UV health risks to skin and eyes.
  • Slows interior fading of furniture, wood floors, rugs and paintings.
  • Solar Silver 20% is available in 72″ width for your larger installations with a silicone release liner.
  • Comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty available.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Johnson Window Films products as effective UV protectants.


Appearance Visible Light
Solar Energy
Visible Light
Clear Glass Clear 89% 14% 8% 0%
SS 35 Silver 35% 65% 40% 61%
SS 20 Silver 19% 77% 57% 79%
SS 35 EXT Silver 35% 64% 40% 61%
SS 20 EXT Silver 20% 75% 52% 78%

Important Notes

All Johnson Window Films are protected by CST™­scratch resistant hardcoat.Solar specifications represent film mounted to 1⁄8 inch (3mm) clear glass. Tests, equipment and methods are in accordance with ASTM, ANSI and NFRC standards. Calculations performed using L.B.L. Optics/Window 6. Values expressed hereof are typical and provided for comparative purposes only. Only the user is aware of the conditions in which the product will be used. It is the user’s responsibility to determine if the product is suitable for use.


SS 20
Solar SIlver