Increase Privacy,
Protection & Style

Film Rejects Up to
70 Percent BLACK OUT
Rejects Heat
100 Percent BLACK OUT
Cuts Glare
99 Percent  
Blocks UV Rays


The window film world of today is not limited to traditional solar control films. Sometimes a window will need a special application film to address a specific issue or concern. Fortunately, Johnson Window Films offers a line-up of Specialty Series films to help respond to unique window treatment situations.

These solutions range from a completely clear product – UVCLR, which will not change the look of the glass, while still blocking 98% of harmful UV rays, to a completely opaque black – BLKOUT. This specialty line is primarily used by designers to change the appearance of an interior space.

This line includes a product designed with a chemically altered adhesive for application to plastic surfaces. All of the attributes found in normal window film can now be applied to plastic surfaces. Available in Solar Silver 20% -SS20AB for interior applications as well as the exterior version SS20ABEXT.

The most unique products in this line are the Printable’s; the PRT2CLR is a completely clear UV product, the PRT2WOUT is an opaque white, both films can be printed on using a UV Cured ink system. Allowing sign makers and advertisers to make any window a billboard. The clear version allows for the production of translucent images while the white out makes the images appear to pop off the window.

Whether you are a designer, retail store owner or property manager looking to refresh or update any window this series has something for everyone.

Products Available:

  • UV Clear— will not change the look of your glass
  • Blackout—Opaque black film, achieve 100% privacy with this zero VLT product.
  • White Frost— A semi-transparent decorative film designed for privacy, interior design and light diffusion applications
  • White Out— Opaque white, achieve 100% privacy with a zero VLT while still maintaining a bright look.
  • SS20AB and SS20ABEXT— our most popular residential/commercial products for installation on plastic surfaces
  • PRT2CLR and PRT2WOUT—a special hard coat on this product allows for sign makers to print directly on the product using a special UV cured ink delivery system

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Johnson Window Films products as effective UV protectants.


Appearance Visible Light
Solar Energy
Visible Light
Clear Glass Clear 89% 14% 8% 0%
UV Clear Clear 91% 12% 8% 0%
White Frost White 75% 24% 18% 16%
Black Out Black 0% 70% 6% 100%
White Out White Out Due to Light Scatter measurements are not meaningful
SS20 Anti Blister Silver 19% 77% 57% 78%
SS20 Anti Blister Ext Silver 20% 75% 52% 77%
Print 2 Clear Clear 89% 15% 10% 0%
Print 2 White Out White Out 14% 71% 60% 84%

Important Notes

Solar specifications represent film mounted to 1⁄8 inch (3mm) clear glass. Tests, equipment and methods are in accordance with ASTM, ANSI and NFRC standards. Calculations performed using L.B.L. Optics/Window 6. Values expressed hereof are typical and provided for comparative purposes only. Only the user is aware of the conditions in which the product will be used. It is the user’s responsibility to determine if the product is suitable for use.


UV Clear